Nexvet Biopharma secures first contract

By Phillip Connolly
Animal Pharm News
August 24, 2012

Less than a year after it was reported to be seeking $6 million at the KC Animal Health Corridor’s 2011 investment forum to establish proof-of-concept for its biologics ‘Petization’ platform, Australian company Nexvet Biopharma has struck its first contract.

Japanese animal health company Meiji Seika has acquired regional and distribution rights with regard to canine inflammatory disorders.

Nexvet was formed in 2010 with the goal of bringing to companion animals the benefits of biologics already experienced in human health with treatments such as Herceptin and Humira. Based in Melbourne, it has global ambitions.

Biologics are derived from mammalian proteins and then engineered to assist the human – and now animal – immune system. Such complex molecules are usually considered a complex prospect for R&D and then manufacture. Nexvet, however, claims that its Petization approach can convert existing human biologics into species-specific versions in a single, rapid step, thus making them a more attractive proposition for veterinary healthcare.

Advantages for biologics are seen as their specificity, inherent safety owing to their natural origins and potential in a wide range of fields including cancers, pain and inflammation.

No details of the agreement with Meiji Seika were released apart from confirmation that Nexvet receives an upfront fee, sales royalties and milestone development.

Reprinted with permission of Animal Pharm News